How I passed CISSP certification

I passed the CISSP certification exam on my first attempt. I had been studying for the test for three months before taking it and realized I needed additional support to prepare. That’s when I stumbled upon Luke Ahmed, CISSP, and discovered his online course.

The course was designed to give me the theoretical knowledge necessary to pass the CISSP exam, but it also provided practical application of that knowledge through practice questions. It was incredibly helpful for me to practice answering questions about security topics that were not just common sense but also important for the exam.

I think this course would be good for anyone who needs a refresher on their security principles or wants to learn more about what they need to know before taking an exam like this one.


I’m sure you’ve heard that the CISSP certification exam is one of the hardest in the industry. While I don’t doubt this claim, I also know that it’s possible to pass—if you’re willing to work for it. As someone who took and passed the CISSP exam, I’ve pulled together this guide with everything you need to know about preparing and studying for this grueling test.

An overview of the CISSP exam process.

The CISSP certification is a globally recognized vendor-neutral certification administered by (ISC)². The exam consists of 175 questions and takes 4 hours to complete.

What I did to study for the test.

Tips to pass the exam.

  • Study the material

The CISSP exam will test your knowledge of 8 domains or categories of information security topics. You should spend at least two to three weeks studying each domain to ensure you thoroughly understand all its components before taking the exam.

  • Take practice tests

Taking practice tests is an important part of studying for any certification exam, but it’s especially important if you’re aiming for a high score on the CISSP exams, as they cover such a wide range of material and require both theoretical knowledge and practical application. Several resources available online provide multiple-choice questions and explanations, which can help you identify gaps in your knowledge base before taking the test and save yourself time during it!

  • Get plenty of rest before taking an exam like this one! A good night’s sleep is crucial when it comes down to preparing yourself mentally ahead of due date day.”

Additional details about the exam.

The new exam is 4 hours long, so you’ll have to prioritize the questions you spend your time on. The exam is a multiple-choice exam consisting of 175 questions. You’re given 4 hours to complete it. The computer-based test is administered at Pearson Vue testing centers throughout the world. Once registered, you will receive instructions on how to prepare for your visit to a testing center.

Passing this exam is doable, but it will require effort.

Passing this exam is doable, but it will require effort. You won’t get through this test by memorizing some facts and hoping for the best. You will need to study, practice test questions, and understand the material. Hard Work Pays Off!


The CISSP exam can be a very daunting test. Many people have failed the exam, and many others are currently working towards their certification. However, it is possible to pass this exam with enough time and effort invested in studying for it. I hope this post helped you understand what the CISSP certification means for someone looking to get into IT security and how I prepared myself for taking it. Thanks again, everyone!

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